Cycles and Babes models have recently made appearances at the International Motorcycle Show and presented awards at the 2011 Easy Rider Show.

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Cycles and Babes models are currently working a wide variety of motocycle related events nationwide. They are available for print and promotional modeling assignments for motorcycle related companies. C&B models live appearances can be coordinated with your advertising campaign if need be. Individuals can also get a custom photo shoot done with the models and your bike.

Our models are currently located and working live events in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Tenessee, Western NY and PA. Our models are also available to travel on a nationwide basis for print and promotional modeling assignments to promote our brand, your brand or co-branded assignments. How the Cycles and Babes models work to represent your brand, our brand or co-branded is determined on a case by case basis.

You can reach us for more information via email at:  or call us at 440-463-1283.

Models interested in working with Cycles and Babes should visit our model search page for more information.
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