One of our primary goals with Cycles and Babes is to support as many charity events as we can. Every year there are thousands of benefit rides and events that raise funds for various charities.

Some of the charities we regularly work with include Cell Phones For Soldiers, Project Night Night, women's shelters and those organizations that support the families of fallen soldiers, police officers and firemen. We are currently scheduling Charity Collection Events to benefit Cell Phones For Soldiers and Project Night Night. If you know of any other charities that can use our help please contact us so that we can start working with them.

We hope work with as many of these events as we can. Depending on the size of the event we can custom create products to sell or donate a portion of the profits from items we sell. Our staff will be attired appropriately for each event. We seek to create a family friendly image while attending your charity events. We will try to attend as many of the events as time and staffing allow.

If you have and event or ride that you'd like us to be part of please contact us via email or phone.

Our email address is:
Our phone number is: 440-463-1283

We look forward to hearing from you.

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